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Jenny Hendrix

Some say the pipes mentioned in the song Danny Boy refer to the legendary vocal talents of Jenny Hendrix. Whilst the rest of the band prefer a nice Sanatogen and a good book between gigs, Señora Hendrix is the incarnation of the party made flesh and sent to walk amongst us.

Party Mc. Incarnaty until you're Battered Mc. Shattered.

Special thanks to Holly Kerr for the image!


Rosie Mc. Fiddle

Rosie fiddles for your pleasure in an entirely wholesome and non double entendre laden fashion. Her signature move is to storm the crowd from the stage mid-tune, all the while continuing to shred mean fiddle licks. Armed with this knowledge, you can enjoy the astounded looks of your fellow gig-goer, when this remarkable feat of multi-tasking occurs.

Big Tent Festival 08 June 2019 #9.jpg

Djellaba Ranks

The whitest North African this side of Marrakesh, Mr. Ranks has fired up his magic carpet and brought his whistle, clarinet and banjo all the way just for you.

Djellaba Ranks was cursed by the evil Sultan Mehmet Macadam to slowly adopt the personality of Kenneth Williams over many years. If you hear Mr. Ranks utter the ripe, suggestive tones of the Carry On star, please do not laugh, as he is slowly losing the battle and succumbing to his inevitable fate.

George 1x1.jpeg

Slap Funk George

Purveyor of a bass guitar sound so phat it has been categorised as morbidly obese and advised by its ever-more worried doctors that it should cut down on its cholesterol immediately, George hits you with a gorgeous slap-tastic style that is immediately recognisable.

Kristin about the band.jpg


We don't really know where they came from, but our best guess is George ordered them from amazon, because they arrived one day in a cardboard box addressed to the band. After some short assembly, the band named them “Kristin” and gave them a pair of drumsticks. Low and behold Kristen was a fully formed drummer who keeps the sticks in their hands most of the time…

Capn AWOL_edited.jpg

Cap'n Kelly

The sole original member of the band, our very own pirate Cap'n. Kelly lives on a boat as befits a true pirate.

Aided, abetted and "assisted" by his faithful four legged companion Toobs, he has the remarkable ability of being able to produce a vaguely recognisable sound from anything that can be blown.


Last seen setting off to raid the seven seas aboard his boat the Stray. Follow his piratical adventures here.

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